Bonaire is
‘Destination Water Sports’.

Are you a lover of surfing, kiting, diving, snorkeling, fishing or sailing? Indulge yourself on Bonaire. Connoisseurs of the beach and culinary delights will also appreciate this island.

There is no mass tourism and large hotels on Bonaire, but small-scale resorts and trendy beach clubs instead. Bonaire is a quiet island lined with sand and coral in the former Dutch Antilles. There are many flamingos on this island, which are as pink as a candy floss. Sea turtles swim in the turquoise sea, together with many large and small brightly colored fish. The colors on Bonaire are truly breathtaking.

There is a constant summer vibe on this island and the temperature is almost a steady 28 degrees year-round. The ever-present soft cooling breeze lightens the air.

A visit to the national park 'Washington Slagbaai' is a must.


To do


Washington Slagbaai National Park

Donkey Sanctuary

Kaya IR. Randolph Statius van Eps, Kralendijk, Dutch Caribbean +599 9 560 7607

Kayaking and snorkeling by Mangroves of Bonaire

Snorkeling & Diving


1000 steps

One of the most famous dive sites on Bonaire is Thousand Steps. This staircase is called Thousand Steps because you have to go up these stairs after a dive with your equipment. This feels like 1000 steps. When you find the long stairs too much, you can also reach 1000 steps by boat.
Queens highway, Kralendijk, Kralendijk, Dutch Caribbean

Andrea 1 & 2

A beautiful place to dive with both hard and soft coral. The reef turns into a sloping sandy bottom after 38 meters.
Ridge 15, Kralendijk, Kralendijk, Dutch Caribbean

Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is located off the coast of Kralendijk. This island is completely surrounded by reef. Klein Bonaire can only be reached by speedboat from Kralendijk.

Salt pier

Salt Pier is located near the salt pier of Bonaire and is one of the most beautiful dive sites on the island. You can see large schools of fish and under the rear platform of the pier tarpons and barracudas hide for example. You walk straight into the sea from the large parking lot. Diving and snorkeling is only allowed when there are no boats at the pier.

Kiting & Surfing


Jibe City

The surf spot of Bonaire, a paradise for windsurfers. Also doubles as a cozy beach bar.
Kaminda Sorobon 12, Kralendijk, Dutch Caribbean 
Tel: +599 717 5233

Atlantis Beach

For kitesurfers Kite Beach (Atlantis) is the premiere location. The water is flat all day long.




Lovely Italian restaurant. On the boulevard.
Kaya C.E.B. Hellmund 5, Kralendijk, Dutch Caribbean
Tel: +599 717 7230

Brass Boer

About 50 meters from Villa Papagayo you will find Brass Boer. The owners of three star restaurant De Librije, Jonnie & Thérèse Boer, have founded Brass Boer Bonaire. Great location by the sea.
Punt Vierkant 44, Kralendijk, Dutch Caribbean
Tel: +599 715 5050

Foodies Bonaire

Delicious food and drink at Foodies. View over Lac Bay and Sorobon.
Kaminda Sorobon 106, Kralendijk, Dutch Caribbean
Tel: +599 717 5369

Windsock The Beach

Directly by the sea, for breakfast, lunch and dinner or a drink at the bar.
14 EEG Boulevard, Kralendijk
Tel: + 599 786 5873


Lovely place to have lunch overlooking the sea or to relax at the beach for a day
Sorobon 10, Kralendijk
Tel: +599 717 8080


Highly recommended if you like sushi.
Kaya Grandi 52E, Kralendijk, Dutch Carribean
Tel: +599 782 3140

Ocean Oasis

Beautiful hip Beachclub in the south of Bonaire towards salt pans and next to the Esmeralda ruins. You can rent a sun bed with towel, bottle of water and a fruit salad for $ 22.50.
EEG Boulevard 260, Kings Beach Bonaire, Punt Vierkant
Tel: +599 701 4440